Everest Base Camp Film Shooting Expedition

Overview of the trek:

TypeTeahouse/lodge based trekking
DifficultyLevel 2
Duration14 days
Group size18 adult clients plus 5 support staffs
Age groupAdults
Highest altitude reachedEverest Base Camp (5,364 meters)

Despite ascending to the Everest base camp, this was a level 2 trek because we spent a lot of days on the way shooting and actual trekking distance and elevation gain was very short and low. The entire trek was uneventful. However, we had a couple of very challenging days. First challenge was to cross the very cold river where we had to protect Josh (leading actor/narrator of the movie) from hypothermia and second challenge was to make rapid ascent to Everest base camp (5,364 meters) from Pangboche (3,985 meters) on helicopter and get back in one piece.

As usual trek started from Lukla (2,860 meters) and it took us more than a week to reach Pangboche and a very rapid ascent to Everest base camp, film shooting and descent back to Pangboche was done in a day in a helicopter. The descent was done in 4 days’ time to Lukla.