Gokyo-Ri Expedition

Overview of the trek:

TypeTeahouse/lodge based trekking
DifficultyLevel 3
Duration14 days
Group size25 clients (20 adolescents + 5 teachers) plus support staff (15)
Age groupAdolescents (17-19 years) accompanied by adults
Highest altitude reachedGokyo Ri (5,357 meters)

This trip to Gokyo Ri was one of the most memorable treks for me in many ways. Firstly, this was the group of very young trekkers (17-19 years) who were full of energy, enthusiastic, cheerful, motivated, exposed to this environment for the first time and most importantly very inquisitive.

The trip started with pre-departure meeting where we got to know each other and made plans for the participants based on their physical condition and past medical history. Every day we had morning pre-departure talk and evening discussion to wrap up the day. Any medical issues were dealt 24/7. The usual itinerary to Gokyo-Ri was followed with a side trip to Tyangboche monastery (3,870 meters) through Phortse village (3,840 meters) on the way down.

Unfortunately, one of the participants developed HAPE at Dole (4,110 meters) and he was brought down to in the middle of the night to Phortsetanga (3,680 meters). After sunrise he was later evacuated down to Kathmandu and send home safely.