Helambu (Cancer Charity) trek

Overview of the trek:

TypeCamp based trekking
DifficultyLevel 1
Duration7 days
Group size61 adult clients plus 25 support staffs
Age groupAdults and elderly (2 participants >70 years)
Highest altitude reachedTarke-gyang (2,570 meters)

This was a very dedicated group of trekkers; “trekking for a cause”. The aim of the trekking was to collect charity for the cancer patients and help them. Few of the participants were trekking and camping for the first time. Despite not having prior adequate experience on trekking and walking long hours in the trails all of the participants completed the trek and did very well. The trek was uneventful.

The trek was mid-hill trek (Max altitude of 2,570 meters) and majority of time spent was at low altitude. However, it this was conducted in semi-expedition style. So, all of the participants got a taste of what Himalayan expeditions feels like.