Upper Mustang/Lo Manthang (Trail Running)

Overview of the trek:

TypeTeahouse/lodge plus camp based trekking
DifficultyLevel 3
Duration14 days
Group size30 trail runners plus 6 race organizers plus 15 support staffs
Age groupAdults
Highest altitude reachedChhoser (4,784 meters)

The ancient kingdom of Lo Manthang AKA “The walled city of Upper Mustang” AKA “Hidden Tibetan Kingdom of Nepal” is one of the most historic, unique, living museums in the world. Lo Manthang is actually isolated archeological kingdom especially renowned for the ancient decorative caves, paintings and unique landscape famously known as “the High Altitude Desert”.

The trek to the Lo Manthang and around the valley is absolutely breathtaking because it is only one of a kind. Despite the construction of the roads all the way up to the Nepal-Tibet border most of the trails are still preserved and the peculiarity of the trek can still be felt throughout the trek.

This particular trek which I led as medic, consisted of trail runners where the team took a lot of extra miles. The total distance covered in 8 staged marathon was 170 kilometers. The running officially starts from Kagbeni (2,810 meters) which is preceded by very adventurous flight from Pokhara to Jomsom (2,743 meters) and 3-4 hours hike around Jomsom-Kagbeni area. The race includes a couple of acclimatization day with village tours in between. And, the race ends at Jomsom via Muktinath (3,710 meters) after spending a week running and visiting the historic Palaces, monasteries, decorative caves around Lo Manthang valley.

This trip is one of the most uniquely designed because it covers almost all the unique places in just 12 days which no other commercial treks can offer. So, if you are into running and trekking then I would recommend this highly.